My favorite anamal is a Dogs.I have a labudutle,Her name is Mika. She like to steel are stuff.I like her.


I went to mr.morisins sincelab.He made difrint colers chang in his mixer.he made elifint tooth past out of camickls and he tride to mack it red but it did not turn helper was very nice to me and Jordan.I like mr.morisins lab.


Favorite book is captain underpants.It is a good book for me.I under stand the book a lot.I want to read the hole sires of captain underpants. I like captain underpants.


I am going to Canada.I don't want to leave my friends and family. I will see the CN tower. I now how to spell canada. I will miss my favorite food to eat.


My favorite read aloud is the Secret Zoo.  because I like how it has difrint animals. I like how he put one of his kids name in the story.  My favorite carickter is the poleler bear.We skyed bryan chick the secret zoo ather.I like the secret zoo book.


1. My sister put it in the trash.
2. I was plaing to much.
3. My dog ate it.
4. I for got it at school.
5. I put water on it.

a bencherwhen went to foodland on my math or chaos feldtrip.I like was a fun unit feldtrip.this is a dragin fire nut.I saw a watermelon and a cup cake and much more.We went to first Hawaiian bank to. The feldtrip was a fun avencher.

My favorite food is spam musubi. Because it is good and spam is good but not that good for you.Did you now they don't have spam musubi in canada.They have it at 711.I like hot dog musubi to.This is my favorite food.

May day was fun.My song was molokai slide.My partner was jordan.We had to where green for the dance.I think The dance was cool.I like may day.