I am going to Canada.I don't want to leave my friends and family. I will see the CN tower. I now how to spell canada. I will miss my favorite food to eat.

Mrs. Thomas
5/22/2013 15:11:25

You are going to be going on quite a new adventure when you move to Canada. Moving away from the people, places and things you know can be hard but it also is exciting. I can't wait to hear about Canada, your new home and school and the new discoveries you make in your new country! I will miss you and your family and I hope one day to make a trip to Canada and see you!

5/22/2013 16:05:37

I am sad to leave our family and friends too but I know we will keep in touch with them through emails, phone calls and maybe even blogs! We have an exciting adventure to come. You will make more friends and find new favorite foods. I wonder if we'll find some of your favorite foods in Canada?


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