My mom got a FLEX on June 22 2013.I like it.It is big in side.Theres a lot of buttons in side.


pitch perfect is a movie.I think the movie is funny.The movie is about this girl who likes this man.I like the movie.



A long tail with stripes
I have a lateral line       
I'm tasty to eat

This is a picture of are school.I like my school.I have a lot of friends at school.I like my school because every buddy is nice.one of my friends name is Jordan.


Three birds are playing basket ball.I found this picture on safari.Do you think it is cute?Which bird do you like?I will like birds like that.


The ocean is one of the huge place in the word.It has a lot of animals.The abyss is the deepest part of the ocean.I will name one of the animals in the ocean the yellow tail snappers.


My favorite thing to do is play volleyball games.Because I like volley ball for 1 year.I am very good at volleyball.I am the best volleyball player on my team.I am alost better then Abi and she is 11 turning 12.


I like skylander swap force. I think it will be fun to play with and I can't wait to play!!!! Did you know in the Sylander Swap Force, you can take off their head, bottom, and you can also switch them with other characters. 


They aways have two suction cups.It has very good eye sight.Octopus can not her.The suction cups work when it is dead.